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About us

Huanxin Fluoro Material is a leading operation in China, with focus in manufacturing fluorosilicone materials, specialty fluorochemicals, and low GWP products.  Our company is founded on a combination of strong capabilities: proprietary technology, marketplace, specialty fluoro material production asset and ingenuity, with a relentless pursuit of technological innovation and development. Manufacturing and offering high performance and quality specialty fluoro products is our commitment to customers national and international.

Technological expertise of over two decades in  manufacturing fluorochemical products,  strict quality control and operation excellence provide an essential warranty to the quality  products we deliver to customers around the world。 Persistance in R&D of high performance products position us a reliable resource supplier in specialty fluorochemical materials as market and customer needs grow。 Huanxin Fluoro has developed a long standing customer relationship and partnership with global industrial leaders。

Three major business divisions: Low GWP Products: HFO-1243zf, HFO-1233xf, HFO-1233zd, HFO-1234yf, HFO-1234ze, Bromotrifluoropropylene;

Fluorosilicones: Fluorosilicone rubber, oil/liquid; Trifluoropropene; Trifluoropropylmethytricyclosiloxane(D3F);

Specialty Fluorochemicals: Tetrafluoropropanol, Octafluoropentanol; Hexafluoropropylene oxide and Polymeric Perfluoropropenes. 

These materials and products span a variety of applications, enabling us to serve industrial as well as end-markets, including aircraft, automotive, precision electronics, sealing, coating, refrigeration and fire protection。

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